Monday, January 30, 2017

Key West - Homework and dog park

Two for one, we exercise both the dog and Finn at the dog park
Today was boring. I did math work all morning. I also did a sloppy copy of my report on Henry Flagler. We did go to watch the fish feeding but no one came. When I did my horn I had to oil some valves but my valve oil was nowhere in sight so now I have to look for it after I do this. We also took Hoolie to the dog park. He did not pay attention very well. That’s all I did today BYE!!!     

The very large Key West Express
Home schooling takes up some serious time. I spent about an hour with Finn on his math and Ann spent the rest of the morning on his other subjects. I is not all fun and games on the boat. We aim to be sure Finn keeps up with his class. You can see from his blog that he would rather be doing something else but we keep at it. 

Many of the houses in Key West are all lit up at night, pretty
Today was another trip to the dog park which is at least an acre in size. Even though there are other dogs, all Hoolie wants to do it run after a ball. Finn found a throwing stick which takes a ball and allows a much farther toss than you could do by hand. A few other dogs follow for awhile but usually Hoolie is the only one running at the end. 

The view from our dock in the direction of Mallory Square
Finn did find his valve oil finally so he's all set. He calls his mom every night but he has a habit of walking wlile he's talking, a neat trick on a boat, we dodge a lot.


Anonymous said...

When it comes to playing fetch with a tennis ball, a Springer Spaniel will always be the last dog standing, far and away. Our Springer, Bubba, lived for chasing tennis balls and virtually always had one in his mouth. He'd drop the thing in front of you and, if you didn't respond quickly enough, he'd pick it up, push you with his nose and drop it in front of you again. It sometimes drove us crazy, but we dearly loved that dog. Be happy!

Scott'n Kitt
s/v HyLyte

Anonymous said...


Given you're "home schooling" Finn, a great history lesson would be a visit to Ft. Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas. While you could take Fleetwing, that might be problematic with Hoolie and the weather at this time of year does leave something to be desired. An alternative would be for you or Ann (or both of you if you can find a trustworthy dog sitter for a day) to take him aboard the Yankee Freedom. It's about a 2-1/2 hour ride and the Ferry includes a breakfast and lunch for visitors and the narrated tour of the Fort and the history lesson about the Civil War and the imprisoning of Dr. Harvey Mudd there after Lincoln's killing would be really instructive for Finn. (Unfortunately, too many of the children today get very little schooling in American History.) During one stay in Key West, we took our daughter out on the ferry when the weather was too sideways to go there on our own boat and, tho' not inexpensive, the cost and the effort were really worth it. (She still says that day was one of her favorite of our visits to Key West.)

Just a thought!

Scott'n Kitt
s/v HyLyte

Bob423 said...

Scott'n Kitt, we're going to the aquarium today and sample the best hamburgers at Garbo's Grill. We've been the the Dry Tortugas but it's a long trip. We snorkeled the last time we were there. The nearby dog park was a great addition to the waterfront. As you know, Hoolie still outruns all other dogs. Warmer day today.