Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Newfound Harbor - We escape Marathon, now at anchor at Newfound Harbor

Nothing like snorkeling in January
It’s Finn. Today was  ok I guess. I lost a flip flop. I think it just wanted to go to the Bahamas. So basically the Flip Flop Flip Flopped but this time out of the boat. I did go snorkeling off the boat. It was fun but when I saw a GIANT jellyfish I thought I should call it quits. I also found out crabs can swim. I just saw a big thing in the water with pinchers and decided it was a crab. Also we were under way today. I was seasick  That’s all we did today BYE!!!    
Picnic Island is a local favorite, lots of visitors
We were eager to get out of Marathon, it was just too crowded. You were always looking over your shoulder to see if another boat was going to bump into you, especially in the middle of the night. As a result, it's hard to get a good night's sleep with one eye open. We did survive the night without incident but we headed out around 8:00 am. Finn just felt bad for awhile, he didn't really get seasick.

Here's the official sign for the island
Newfound Harbor is one of our favorite anchorages. It appears to be wide open with no protection at all. However, our spot by Picnic Island is surrounded by shallow water which kills wave action. As all of our anchorages, there's Hoolie relief nearby. In this case it's Picnic Island itself with a sandy beach for easy dinghy access. 

Peaceful, you can see Fleetwing in the distance
We were surprised to see the raft of boats anchored by the island. Although it can be crowded by the island, we've never seen so many. Still, it's a huge anchorage and we're off by ourselves, far from any other boats. There's one long termer there with a houseboat complete with solar arrays. It was the same boat we saw last spring. 

We will be here just one day and then on Thursday it's off to Key West and our dock for the next two months, we can hardly wait.