Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Titusville - Diver Day

You might think a wet suit wouldn't be need in Florida but the water is cool in the winter
I'ts Finn. Today we did more school work. We did go to the dog park again and I did learn about nouns and verbs. We also talked to the diver. He told me about his suit and his fins. We also did multiplication facts YEA… that’s all we did BYE!!! 

I'm not sure how exciting a time he's having here from reading his blog. He seems upbeat and eager to get going in the day's activities. He still has his homework to do of course with the current focus on unit fractions. Penmanship seems to be a lost art in today's education. We're approaching it from the viewpoint that at least it has to be legible or else you'll get marked down if the teacher can't figure out what you meant with your answer to a question. At some point in time you will have to sign a document such as in buying a house or car. If you've never learned how to sign your name, what do you do?

It is definitely starting to warm up with a high in the mid 70's today
I had the zinc replaced today and discovered it was totally gone! It was new as of September 15th but gone by today, January 11 in the warm waters of Florida. I have a zinc fish I should have put overboard but forgot when we left in November, my bad. I had good luck with a zinc fish in Key West, it saved my prop zinc when in years past it was gone by the time I had a diver look at the bottom in March (after having it replaced in Titusville in January). 

Added to the day's activities was an oil and filter change and reinserting the knot meter paddlewheel. We are now ready to travel on Friday morning to Vero Beach. All I have left to do is top off the water tank. I carry 150 gallons of fresh water so I can easily last two weeks. I won't be near fresh water again until Marathon.  


Mike Sherer said...

Why do you need zinc? What is a zinc fish? Is it something I should be worried about, like mercury content in fish?

Bob423 said...

Mike, since salt water is conductive it is possible to set up a battery between different metals underwater. One metal will be eaten and the other one will show no damage as the electrons flow between them in the conductive water. You don't want vital parts of your boat (think propeller) being eaten by corrosion. So a sacrificial metal is placed in close proximity to a metal you want to protect. The sacrificial metal is the piece of zinc, it protects other metals on the boat since it is a very active metal when in the water. A zinc "fish" is just a separate piece of zinc hung over the side of the boat into the water but still connected electrically to the boat to add additional protection.