Sunday, January 22, 2017

Marathon - We visit the turtle hospital

This guy was run over by a boat and the prop cut out a section of his shell
It’s Finn. Today was AWESOME. We went to a turtle hospital and saw real turtles. They are so cool. Some of them have a bubble butt. It is when they float because a boat hit them. For lunch we went to the cracked conch. They have really good conch. I had a pizza for lunch. It was so delicious. But I didn’t finish it. I got too full on conch. I did my horn today. I still need more practice. Today was so fun BYE!!!      

They have an operating room just like in a regular hospital
Finn likes turtles. With that we just had to visit the turtle hospital. It was the first one of its kind in the world, now there are dozens. They specialize in rescuing turtles that have met a disaster of some kind while in the wild. The problems include being run over by a boat prop, bitten by a shark or getting a tumor growth. They have an operating room and provide individualized care. After recovery, the turtles are returned to the wild. 

A turtle is being treated here. That's suntan lotion being applied to the shell, it can sunburn if not protected
After the 90 minute tour, we treated ourselves to the Cracked Conch, a local eatery that been featured on the Food Network as the experts in how to serve conch. They have a tradition that they always stay open, even in hurricanes, after all even the emergency workers have to eat somewhere. We had the conch burgers which were very good but Finn had a cheese pizza. However, he ate part of Ann's conch burger and got too full to eat all of his pizza which we had the rest of tonight. 

The winds are coming. They are predicted to peak out at 30 mph with gusts to 35! We're hunkered down and hoping all will be okay. The winds will blow for the next 24 hours but then there's a lull Wednesday and Thursday when we'll move on to Key West two days early since there's more windy weather coming.