Saturday, January 21, 2017

Marathon - Provisioning and at the beach

The beach at Marathon on the Hawk Channel side
It’s Finn. Today we went to the BEACH. It was so fun. I spent most of my time in the water looking for cool shells. I found a really cool one but it was occupied by a conch. It has a little door that opens but the conch wasn’t cooperating. I almost lost my NEW HAT. It blew straight or my head. But grandpa came to the rescue and got my hat straight out of the water. This morning I had a pancake. They are HUGE. That’s all we really did today BYE!!!      

A treasure found, a live conch. 
Finn wanted some beach time so after provisioning at Publix, we spent some time in the sun. The beach at Marathon is reachable via a dinghy ride to the south side of the island. There is also an alternate entrance there too but one I have never tried. I did watch as several boats made the passage. The fishing boats didn't honor the reds until R8, cutting all of the previous ones on the wrong side of the reds. The one sailboat I saw enter did honor all of the reds but it appeared to be only 30 feet or so in length. 

A storm is coming. Winds are predicted to pick up starting tonight and continue through Monday night with peak winds of 30 with higher gusts along with thunderstorms. There are no moorings available I think we are securely anchored, we'll find out soon enough. 

The Gulf Stream is just off the coast, clouds gather over it and result in great sunsets
I picked up a rental car which we used for provisioning and we plan on seeing the sights Sunday although it will be windy. With the coming storm, we'll sit here until Wednesday when we'll move on to Newfound Harbor. We moved up our date for Key West to Friday, the 27th due to another storm due Saturday. However, it's nice to be warm.