Thursday, January 5, 2017

Titusville - Provisioning and Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge

Just sunning by the side of the road in the Merritt Island Refuge
Hi it’s Finn again today we had so much fun! We went to Merritt island and saw birds and an alligator and lizards of all sizes. We also saw lots of palm trees. For lunch we had a sandwich. Tomorrow we are going to the Kennedy Space center. It’s a big day tomorrow and I need my sleep so bye!!!

Birds of all sizes and types, Finn was busy taking photos - until his camera battery gave out
Ann still has a cold so I'm taking Finn to the Kennedy Space Center for a day of adventure. There's two 3D IMAX films of space, a simulated ride on a space shuttle, a tour of a real space shuttle, the Atlantis, and up close and personal with the Saturn V, the largest rocket ever built. I've been there twice before and it's always an exciting tour. The area has been very well kept, all the exhibits work and look fresh. 

It's not all birds, the butterflies were attracted to the flowers
This afternoon we visited one of our must see places when in Titusville, the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. At this time of the year, the area has more birds than usual due to many species wintering over. Finn took dozens of photos with his new digital camera. Our provisioning, as usual, was done at the nearby Walmart. They have the best prices and everything we need. 

Finn liked the lizard
We are looking at restarting our trip south probably next Friday to allow time for Ann to fully recover from her cold and for me to make a dent in my to do list for the boat. Meanwhile, Finn is fitting into the routine of boat life and I'll get him busy on Saturday learning the fine points of swabbing the deck!