Saturday, January 7, 2017

Titusville - Swabbing the deck, oh joy...

Can you figure out what the cap says?
Hi it’s Finn today was not too interesting. All we did was sit around and do things. I did learn how to get a cart and I did fix the umbrella. I also helped scrub the deck. After that we went shopping we tried to get new pants but none of them fit. For lunch I had a ham and cheese sandwich very EXCITING… That’s really all I did today BYE!!!     

Well, I guess you can't keep a 10 year old entertained all the time. I think we need more deck swabbing, calibration is in order... Nevertheless, the deck needed the removal of a two months' supply of bird output. Finn helped some but his heart was not in it. I'm still wondering how you "sit around and do things", especially swabbing the deck.

The grove where we buy our grapefruit always has beautiful flowers
Meanwhile, the front from the north reached us this afternoon and the temperatures have plummeted, a 40 degree drop by morning is expected. It has already dropped 30 degrees! Florida has even issued a frostbite advisory due to the wind chill index. We had intended going to the zoo on Sunday but we'll delay that until Monday when it's still cool but will at least reach 65 down here.

PS, Finn's cap says, "Be greater than average"


Mike Sherer said...

I like Finn's hat. Where did you get it?

Bob423 said...

Mike, Finn found it at the Kennedy Space Center.