Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hobe Sound Anchorage - between R38 and R40

Add water to boy = entertainment
Finn here. Today we spent most of are time under way. When we stopped I got to swim off the back of the boat. We saw turquoise water. It's basically ocean water. I also got to steer the boat. I am not too good at it. We took Hoolie to the beach to do his duty. We had donuts for breakfast. For lunch I had a sandwich. I also read some of my book Harry Potter. Plus I made a small tank. That’s really all we did BYE!!!         

It was another beautiful traveling day even though it was a weekend with all the weekend traffic. People like to fish directly in the middle of the ICW channel and they seem upset when you pass them close by. The R188A marker was an eye opener. I was cruising along at high tide and I saw the depth suddenly dip to 5.5 ft! Corrected to MLW, that's 3.6 feet right in the channel. R188A is just south of Fort Pierce so if you're headed this way, watch out for R188A. There more water on the green side, I was too far over to the red buoy. 

As the sun set, we looked out on the only other boat in the anchorage
Boys are easy to entertain on a boat. Just give them some water to play in and they're happy. With temperatures in the upper 70's and full sun, it was plenty warm. Like all our anchorages, the Hobe Sound anchorage has a place for Hoolie to reach shore, a sandy beach. We're one of only two boats here. The Peck Lake anchorage was packed with boats, several dozen with many rafted. We've always seen that anchorage as too crowded for us, we like more seclusion. 

Monday is the first of the "bridge runs". We have 11 to pass through before reaching our anchorage at Lantana where we plan on meeting up with Joe Mastri for dinner. It's only about 35 miles or so but the bridges will slow us down. 


Anonymous said...

Hobe Sound is my favorite ICW anchorage.

sv Vixen

Bob423 said...

Terri, we left at 8:45 and made the 12:15 opening at the Flagler Memorial bridge with no delays. Florida knows how to time their bridges.