Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Washington, NC - at a Pamlico Plantation guest dock, servere storms

The Pamlico Plantation, pretty area
We watched the radar closely this morning as the storms whizzed back with lightening and thunder. At last we saw an opening at 11:30 and headed out in a drizzle. We managed to miss all the storms, at least in the afternoon. We arrived at the Pamlico Plantation where Don and Liz Bunch have a condo and a guest dock available, great!

Wonderderful dinner!
Liz prepared dinner and then we played bridge for an hour or so. We hadn't played for several years and it showed. During the game we heard thunder and discovered we were in a severe thunderstorm. We pulled up radar and found a 5 minute opening in the rain, hail (yes!) and lightening, running to the boat and ducking in just as the rest of the storm hit.

The storms are due to abate over the next few days, at least that's the prediction. We'll stay for three days to visit before moving on north.