Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hampton - waiting for weather at a dock

A carousel made in 1922 was restored and placed inside in Hampton.  Beautiful hand-carved horses 
A boat does not take care of itself. If you go cruising, be prepared to spend one to two hours a day on simple boat maintenance. Today it was time to refresh the teak toe rail and clean the cockpit along with doing a wash, typical day at a dock. The new VHF had a remote mic that had a cord that was too tightly wound (like old telephone cords used to be). There wasn't enough slack to bring it up to head level while standing at the helm. Searching the internet it seems that to relax the cord it needs heat. That brought on a pot of water on the stove heated to 150 F or so. I dipped the cord in the water for a few minutes and then hung the mic vertically and stretched it out to the length I wanted. It worked. I can now stand at the helm without tugging on the mic to talk.

Hampton has lots of roses everywhere
It was an overcast day with a high of near 70, still not May in my recollection. At least we can get out in the morning for our walk/runs but still no sun. We have another crappy day of weather due on Friday with rain and thunderstorms all day long. If we see a break via the weather station radar, we may make a break for it to Fishing Bay Bay YC for their free dock (if you're a member of a recognized yacht club). We'll decide on that in the morning.