Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hampton - Foggy day and dinner at Gordon's with John on the Loop

I can imagine what it's like on the bay if it's this bad here
There was a fog warning in the morning with a high in the 60's, the unusual weather continues. I noticed that my two layers of paste wax (Fleetwax) is finally wearing off after NY to Key West to Hampton, the bow now has a moustache. Out came the On/Off and the bow is now clean again. However, it was too awkward to apply any wax so the fix is short term.

Fantastic dinner tonight, salmon ala Gordon
For tonight Gordon and Eta Johnson invited us over to dinner along with two of their friends who are also considering doing the Loop. The entertainment for the night was John Kwak covering his experiences on the Loop which he just completed the a month ago. John had kept detailed records of costs and where he stayed. Everyone was interested in what he saw so the conversations continued into the night. We got back to the boat around 10:00, a really fun evening.

John had a Loop map, I had not realized all the different ways of making the Loop
We're still in rest mode and won't get leaving to go up the Chesapeake until probably Saturday unless the weather dramatically changes.