Thursday, May 5, 2016

Washington, NC at Pamlico Plantation - at the guest dock, the last day

Liz's work
We had all wanted to go out for a sail but it's hard to get enthused when it's in the 50's and raining. Just another day of the worst weather ever on the ICW. With that we retreated inside for Bridge and general eating. Since Liz is a very good cook, we dined as well as at any restaurant. Rain and more rain continued throughout the day but we were warm and comfortable. What more to want going up the ICW?

I can't imagine the time this took
North Carolina is home custom basket weaving. The designs are extremely intricate. Liz is a member of the fraternity so I though I'd show a few examples.

In addition to the photos of Liz's work there are websites on the widespread practice in the state.   There are statewide competitions and awards. I never knew it was so popular.

What do you know, the rain finally stopped, at least for awhile. If the weather forecast is to be believed, then rain will start up again Friday morning. Regardless, we're leaving for the Pungo River anchorage just before the canal to the Alligator River. A light rain we don't mind, thunderstorms with lightening are another matter, they are not predicted for Friday.