Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mill Creek - at anchor and a Jekyll Creek article for Cruisernet

At anchor at Mill Creek, nice cove
The winds gusted to 30 kts several times with a steady 20 to 25 kts most of the day. Chesapeake Bay had a gale warning out with gusts to over 35 with some higher. It's the first time we've seen a gale warning on the Chesapeake, such wind we've seen this trip north. The winds are due to "decrease" to only a small craft advisory on Monday but it's still out of an unfavorable direction so we'll probably sit out Monday and wait for better weather on Tuesday.

The remainder of the week is supposed to be better with winds only in the 5 to 10 kt range, good for going north. Meanwhile Ann took photos to gain an inspiration for painting and I worked on an article to be published on about the best route through the shallows of Jekyll Creek. I also added that information at the left in this blog under "Pages" where you can also download the GPX file containing the details of the waypoints that can be directly loaded into most navigation programs. The route will take you through Jekyll with a 5.7 MLW depth, plenty for my 4 ft 9 in draft.

The winds have finally abated, so far
The center of attention on Monday morning will be the weather forecast. If it changes favorably, we'll take off north, otherwise we'll stay another day. The genset is getting a good workout, plenty of electricity to the A/C reverse cycle (heat) and warming up the hot water tank as well as charging the batteries. All the comforts of home.