Friday, May 13, 2016

Hampton - last day, eats at the Taphouse

A neighborhood bar with 40 beers on tap and good food, what more to ask?
We looked carefully at the forecast this morning since we would rather go today versus Saturday but the outlook included thunderstorms all afternoon. So we looked at several weather sources and they all said mostly the same thing. With that info, we decided to stay another day. As it turned out, we saw very little rain, only for a few minutes and no thunderstorms. We could have gone anyway but we didn't know that at 7:00 am.

John's always cheerful and fun to be around
We invited John Kwak over in the evening for dinner at the Taphouse. It's famous in the area for all the beers on tap and all the locals gather there at night. The food is not bad either, I had corned  beef and cabbage which they serve 365 days of the year and it was better than I expected. We all sat around the table and traded experiences, part of the fun of being on a boat on the ICW. John just completed the Loop but wants to do it again next year - if he can find enough crew which is the biggest problem he faces (hint: if anyone wants to crew with John doing the Loop, let me know. It would be the experience of a lifetime).

Finally, Saturday looks like an ideal day to go north up the Chesapeake. We'll have a south wind all day long and we hope to reach Mill Creek just below the Potomac River. We will probably be there a couple of days for the winds to calm down again for the crossing of the Potomac going to Solomons, our next stop/ Eventually we'll get north but we want nice weather and we're willing to wait for it, part of the advantage of being retired.


Fred Brillo said...

Thanks for always reminding us that its the journey and not the destination that counts.

Bob423 said...

Fred, we learned early not to be tied to a schedule, rather enjoy where you're at and travel on pleasant days. We're now anchored in Mill Creek just below the Potomac. A thunderstorm is coming and there's a small craft advisory out for the next 24 hrs. We probably won't leave here until Tuesday. When you're retired, time is your friend.

Fred Brillo said...

I may be making that retirement step sooner than later. I'll be 68 this coming November. I'll retire in January, possibly sooner depending on our business. Looking forward to it for sure.