Thursday, May 19, 2016

Annapolis - In the mooring field

Thomas Point lighthouse, the most famous lighthouse in the Chesapeake, just outside Annapolis
Today was  better than yesterday. We started out at about the same time but this time the mainsail worked fine, it had better with all the repairs lavished on the sail. As we motored on, the faint wind we had out of the north gradually faded to nothing. The Chesapeake was flat, unusual for our passages.

You know you're in Annapolis when you see a rigger up the mast while sailing
Being in Annapolis we had to have dinner at Pusser's. In our Caribbean chartering, Pussers were everywhere and we always sampled their famous Painkiller and so we did the same tonight. They are as good as ever. Their biggest plus is a great view of the harbor along with their Painkillers.

A cool day (high of 70) but a golden sunset
May has been a cold month in Annapolis too. They haven't yet reached 80 as a high for a day and if that holds, it will be the first time for the month of May that 80 hasn't been reached at least once since 1934. Nevertheless, the traveling weather is good for Friday to reach Chesapeake City but Saturday looks like rain all day long with high winds. It appears Saturday will be a layover day for us in Chesapeake City but Sunday looks favorable.