Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hampton - Gordon Johnson for dinner, rather early

Well, there was more than just water shared , but we didn't have to drive...
We did the usual provisioning today. It's our last stop for stores until we reach home except for things you can pick up at 7/11 type stores. Meanwhile we had invited Gordon who used to own a 423 before getting a powerboat over for dinner but the date was for Wednesday, not today! Coming back to the boat from provisioning we ran into him standing on the dock - one day early. Okay, no harm done and we invited him for drinks and dinner, we had plenty.

Next door a brewery was going in, here's a brew tank
Visits between boaters invariably turn to things boating. We all agreed that the weather ever since January has been uniformly terrible along the ICW and not typical of what we've seen the last five years. So if there are any boaters on the ICW for the first time this year - this is NOT typical.

These condos were flooded in the Fall
On Wednesday Gordon and Eta will host all of us for dinner at their condo and we've also invited John Kwak, a fellow Poughkeepsie YC member, to come along and discuss his just completed Loop. Gordon and Eta are planning to do the Loop next year so they're looking forward to the latest scoop from John. I think we will just stick to the ICW, visiting along the way and staying in Key West for two months.