Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Washington NC at the Pamlico Plantation - at a guest dock

You can actually see some blue, for a change
More boat readiness today. We have to keep a spare propane tank full or else we run out of anyway to feed ourselves on the boat. We do have two tanks at least, both in a sealed locker so if there is a leak then the propane will be shunted to the outside. Add to that a trip to Walmart for fresh veggies and we're set.

I don't understand why Bridge is not more popular. It's a great card game that requires a lot of thought both in bidding and in the play of the cards. If you can play Bridge then you can play any card game with the possible exception of Poker which is a whole other thing. So we played all afternoon with Don and Liz Bunch, great fun with a dinner out in the evening.

A closing sunset
In short, we're relaxing before continuing the trip north on Friday morning. The storms gave us the day off but they're predicted to resume their attack on Thursday. This has been the worse trip south and north in six years as far as the weather is concerned. We always seem to be waiting for weather unless you wanted to travel in driving rain with the occasional lightening in the skies. For us we prefer calmer weather, we're in no rush to get north although we would like to get home by the end of May.