Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cape May at Utsch's Marina - last day, we find a seafood market

A sea of trawlers, the popular boat style for doing the Loop
It is finally starting to warm up! It actually got above 70 today, a recent record. We're now ready to move on to Atlantic City. We took on water and ice and then I discovered a nearby seafood market at The Lobster House. I got some cod and Ann had a recipe and dinner was delicious.

You can see from the top photo the preponderance of trawlers, a witness of the popularity of doing the Loop. They all went up the Hudson River and around on the great lakes and then down the waterways to Mobile, Alabama. From there it's around Florida and back up the east coast. The weather has been so bad this year that everyone is bunched up, travelling whenever the weather permits. Utsch's has been full every night we've been here. We have reservations at Atlantic City but from there it's all anchorages.

Goodbye Cape May and their bridges
Looking ahead, we'll leave for Atlantic City Wednesday and then on to Atlantic Highlands on Thursday. We hope to make the journey to our home port, the Poughkeepsie YC, in one day given the tide is running as predicted but nothing seems to go as expected so we'll see.