Friday, May 6, 2016

Pungo River Anchorage - at anchor with 9 other boats

How to stay warm on a cold day on the ICW
So we got up on a cold morning, I took Hoolie in for a cold walk and we released the cold lines and backed out of our slip into a cold drizzle on the Pamlico River. This was not our idea of cruising on the ICW but move we must. We usually are ahead of the migration north in the spring but not this year. Due to all the bad weather, all the boats are bunched up and moving together. A case in point, at our anchorage tonight we had a total of 10 boats. We've never seen more than two or three in the past six years but we're apparently all in sync this year.

We're anchored just off the ICW before it goes into the Alligator-Pungo canal in the Pungo River. There is a ton of room, it could hold a hundred boats without being crowded. Our spot is close to Hoolie relief at a small, sandy beach nearby. Tonight I was the only one going to shore for pet relief, I thought there would be more given the number of  boats.

Too many clouds for a good sunset but you take what you get on a cold day
The great warming trend is due to start on Saturday into the 70's and even more so on Sunday with temps into the 80's. It's about time, I even wore long pants for the first time in five months. You can see from the picture how bundled up Ann and Hoolie were. They spent most of the day like that when Ann wasn't at the helm. We intend to take a slip at the Alligator River Marina on Saturday before moving on to Elizabeth City on Monday. We are moving north!