Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Atlantic City - at the Golden Nugget Marina

Noise of bells, clanging, hubbub, mainly noise
Wednesday developed as promised with 10 kt winds out of the southwest and 2 ft swells out of the southeast. As long as the winds and waves are behind you, it's a nice ride. We left at 8:00 and arrived in Atlantic City at 1:15. The docks are owned by the state and they are showing their age, nothing I can tell has been put into the upkeep other than replacing broken boards. The Golden Nugget casino on the other hand has received a $300 million renovation via its new owner (not the state) and is not looking bad.

Biker Night! But just outside on the deck
Tonight was the first of their Memorial Day events, a biker gathering with a band for entertainment. All the attendees were being wanded before being allowed to enter. We even saw a policeman with a dog sniffing the trash containers, for explosives I guess. Nobody is taking chances anymore. We looked quite out of place, two senior citizens with a dog.  The bikes were lined up outside for two blocks.

The presentation matches the quality of the dinner
As is our tradition, I took Ann out to the Charthouse restaurant at the Golden Nugget. The meal was fantastic as usual. They do a great job in presentation of the plate and the appearance lives up to the taste! Thursday is our last leg on the ocean and it's the longest one, 81 Nm. It will take 11.5 hours so we plan on leaving at first light, about 5:30 am. We plan on anchoring at Atlantic Highlands for the night and leaving the next morning for the Poughkeepsie YC. If we can catch the tide right, we'll ride it all the way up to the yacht club.