Thursday, May 1, 2014

RE Mayo Seafood in Hobucken - at a dock

Rustic docks, to say the least
More storms were forecast for Thursday, all day long. So with that forecast we just decided to stay put. At $0.40/ft, it's hard to go wrong. We just puttered around the boat, bought more seafood for our freezer and Ann prepared another fine meal, "Shrimp Mango Stir Fry". We enjoyed last night's scallops so much that we bought another pound today for future enjoyment.

Outstanding marina store - if you like shrimp boat stuff
This marina is becoming more popular as more boaters learn of its advantages. We had three new boats pull in today for the night. I think the word is spreading. Still, you are on your own, nobody came out to help with docking although it's no big deal, just a face dock. The fuel hose must be about three inches in diameter, it's meant for heavy use! The boat behind us featured in yesterday's blog fished the Bering Sea for five years and transited the Panama Canal five times. They don't just fish locally. Their towers for their drag nets are taller than our mast!

We say goodbye to an excellent seafood market
Our next two stops include the Pungo River anchorage and the Alligator River Marina. It's a little too far to the marina, 64 miles., so we're resigned to just making the Pungo River anchorage even though it's only 29 miles distant. On the other hand, we're really not in any hurry so it doesn't matter.