Sunday, May 18, 2014

Atlantic Highlands - at anchor with John Kwak and Michelle

After a very long day, a nice sunset
We had a long way to go today for we left at 6:00 am, This time of the year we do have a lot of light, not like in the fall. We knew from past trips that it took at least 11 hours and usually 11.5 hours to reach the Atlantic Highlands anchorage from Atlantic City.

The waves were predicted to be around 3 ft but they were swells and not wind driven which makes a big difference. The swells do not present a problem as along as they are 8 seconds or so between crests but they do present a big problem to those trying to enter small inlets such as Big Egg - which was reported to have a solid line of breakers across the channel.

We'll leave on Monday around 7:15 and should have the tide with us all the way to PYC. We would expect to arrived around 6:00, we think if the flood tide is normal. Then we'll overnight on the boat and return to our house on Tuesday morning. It looks fine on the many webcams we have there but we'll see it in person tomorrow.


Gray Fox said...

Bob, thanks again for the tips, links and reference to your blog!

I think we pulled into haver straw and there you are! Must have decided to split up the day huh! We left Out of Manasquan at 7am.