Friday, May 9, 2014

Onancock - at the city dock

Johnny Mo's Mallard's Restaurant in Onancock - Not to be missed!!
We were going to take on fuel this morning but when we called we found out that they were out of fuel! They were expecting a refill by noon but that was too late for us. So off we ventured and we ran into a dense fog about a mile out from the anchorage. We had our radar working as well as our AIS so we knew where the large ships were, handy since we had to cross several shipping channels.

However, when I took the wheel after a break I noticed that we were only making about 5.5 kts, much too slow for our 2300 rpm at which we normally run 7.3 kts. We were obviously dragging something. I slowed the boat down and then put it in reverse and I then saw a crab buoy float up beside the boat. We had been dragging a crab pot along with us to the east coast. Once free of the crab pot, we once again reached our 7.3 kts cruising speed. Neither one of us saw us catch the crab pot in the beginning.

Sushi Tuna, delicious
Eventually the fog lifted and we entered the long channel into Onancock, about 6 miles long. We had to take on fuel but we received no answer over the VHF and nobody answered the phone. On well, we docked by the fuel dock anyway and waited for someone to appear - about 1/2 hour later - they were out to lunch.

Eventually we docked for the night and then went to Mallard's for dinner, a restaurant not to be missed if you're even in the Onancock area! Johnny Mo is the owner and chef and he has extraordinary meals with our favorite being the crab cakes (only crab meat, no fillers!) with an appetizer of sushi tuna and a chocolate tort for dessert, yum.

It looks like we'll sit out Saturday here due to high winds and waves on the Chesapeake but Sunday looks  better and we hope to make it all the way to Chesapeake City by Tuesday if the weather forecasts hold (a forecast is not a promise, it's only a suggestion...)