Monday, May 19, 2014

Haverstraw Cove - at anchor

Welcome back to NYC!
Well, we had intended reaching PYC today but the tide did not turn north on time, it was at least two hours late and that put the arrival time at PYC after 7:30 pm, too late for our tastes. So when we reached Haverstraw Bay we looked at the ETA and where we were at and decided to duck into Haverstraw Cove, a protected anchorage with wind and wave protection from all directions.

The fishermen are still out
Other than the adverse tide, everything else was fine. We had some wind on the nose (what else is new?) but that was no big problem since we were on the river. The approach to the anchorage is not on the charts but we've been there before and have waypoints into the anchorage. You have to cross over a 5.5 MLW bar but that's no problem for our 4' 9" keel.

Inside the anchorage there's room for at least 50 boats in waters that are 15 to 25 ft deep with holding that's excellent in sticky mud. The only problem is that there's really no good shore access but there are deserted areas for pet relief.

In Haverstraw Cove, notice the rainbow
The downside of stopping today is the foul tide Tuesday morning, all the way to PYC. Oh well, we'll just set the throttle and let nature take its course northward. We'll reach PYC eventually.