Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hampton Downtown Public Piers - at a dock

You will encounter some marinas that offer free herbs as grown by the dockmaster, this marina is one 
With a charge of only $1.25/ft per day, this place is a real bargain. You are within walking distance of several downtown restaurants, notably. The Taphouse.  They have 20 to 30 beers on tap and serve basic food, good but basic. Besides, you go there for the beer selections. We'll be going there on Wednesday night.

If you want to see the local sights on the water, this boat goes out several times a day
Today was provisioning day with a visit to the nearest Walmart. Despite everything else, they always have the lowest prices and that counts for a lot along the ICW when we buy things in quantity. And, not by just a little but sometimes you can save $1 to $2 on a $5 dollar item in the food section on the identical brand and quantity from a local supermarket. After awhile, that adds up so we go.

Our marina is just in front of the large building to the left of the bridge
We had a boat pull out this morning but later returned after encountering 2 to 3 ft waves on the bow heading north. We had decided to wait for a south wind before going north, we want comfort! Such a wind is due Thursday with a high of 84 which is quite a contrast from today's high of 66. As usual, when presented with the opportunity, we did a wash. The marina here only has one washer and one dryer but they work well. On Wednesday we plan on exploring the area after cleaning the boat in the morning. The weather looks good for the next week for going north and we'll take advantage of the opportunity.