Sunday, May 11, 2014

Solomons - at anchor

It seems like every marker has its osprey nest
We had 54 miles to travel today so we left uncharacteristically early (at least for us) at 7:00 am. For the most part we had winds around 10 kts and little wave action. Of course the wind was on the nose, certainly to be expected when you're in a sailboat. So we cranked up the iron genny and headed out.

Eventually there'll be nothing left...
Along the way we saw the eerie sight of the battleship used by the Navy for target practice. It's placed with its own forbidden area around it in the middle of the Chesapeake so nobody gets too close, marked right on the charts. The Navy will periodically close the entire eastern half of the Chesapeake when they have live target practice - but not today.

It's always fun to meet in a far away harbor
Arriving in Solomons, we saw John Kwak's boat, he had arrived several days earlier and took the time to rent a car and visit Washington, D.C. He has Michelle with him for crew and they are headed north on Monday for Annapolis, just like us. It looks like we have good weather for going north for the next few days and we'll take full advantage of it. We hope to reach Atlantic City by Thursday. Then the weather game will start and we'll look for a good day to go the 85 miles to Atlantic Highlands.