Wednesday, April 30, 2014

RE Mayo Docks - at a dock

Docked right behind us! He fished in the Bering Sea for five years!
We left as soon as we got up since we wanted to beat the storms across the Neuse River. The prediction was for thunderstorms with the possibility of severe ones along with tornados so we wanted to get across before they popped up. We noted that the winds were supposed to be out of the south which was a good direction for cross the Neuse since it flowed northerly.

The marina is rather "rustic" but only $0.40/ft including electric
Even in the morning, the winds picked up to 20 to 25 kts and with the winds on the aft quarter, the boat did a dance everything waves hit the aft part of the boat. However, we were able to get across in less than 2 hours with putting the jib out at 8.0 to 8.5 kts of boat speed.

You can see the rustic nature - the heads
We had intended making the Pungo River anchorage but Thursday was predicted to be an 80% rain day with high winds out of the southwest quadrant, not good for the anchorage. We could have gone further in but we decided to just stay south of the Palmico River until Friday when it's to be a good.

We chose the RE Mayo Docks for the night. It's only $0.40/ft for dockage including electricity! Although the price is right, the best part is the seafood. We are out of season for most of the seafood but they have outstanding frozen scallops, shrimp and flounder which we loaded up on. These offerings are not to be confused with what you get at the local supermarket. They are flash frozen the same day they are caught locally. Ann prepared scallops tonight (Scallops with White Wine Sauce) and they were simply the best I've ever had, better than any in a restaurant.

We'll be here tonight and probably Thursday too, leaving on Friday when the bad weather clears out and head for the Pungo River anchorage.