Saturday, May 17, 2014

Atlantic City - we have dinner at the Charthouse

There are still breakers across the inlet, hope they subside by Sunday morning.....
Today was cool but sunny, much warmer than yesterday. Most of the day wa spent getting ready for our Sunday departure. There was some minor boat work (taking on water, dewatering the dinghy, etc.) but most of the time was spent looking and relooking at the various weather sources we use for decision time going north. The forecasts for Sunday have moderated towards light winds and reduced seas, down to 3 ft swells out of the southeast. Although they will be on the aft quarter, at least they are not 4 to 5 ft types as predicted earlier. 

Found in the backyard!

To celebrate our last day here, we had dinner at the Charthouse on the Golden Nugget. It's a very fine restaurant and I highly recommend it if you're ever in Atlantic City. It's on the third floor overlooking the marina, great view and the food can't be beat. 

Here's the story on that nugget, wow...
I'm sure I'll relook at the weather a dozen times before we leave in the morning but it looks very certain that we'll push off at 6:00 am and head north. It's about 83 miles to Atlantic Highlands and should take about 12 hours, maybe 11 if we're lucky with the tides. We'll overnight and then head out for PYC, going all the way on Monday to take advantage of the favorable tide going north. You can follow our progress by clicking on the link here. 
We say goodbye to Atlantic City at 6:00 am Sunday