Friday, May 16, 2014

Atlantic City - We visit the Boardwalk to see the waves

That sea is not for us - later
The wind has howled for the last 24 hours with gusts to 30 to 35 kts and seas from 7 to 9 ft! Needless to say, we are not going anywhere for awhile. So we took a Jitney to the Boardwalk to the Pier by Caesar's Palace. It's a mini shopping center located on a pier over the ocean, three stories tall. Up until now it's been the home of upscale shops (Tiffany's, Apple Store and all the ritzy places). Today it was disappointing. Half of the shops were vacant from our last visit in the fall. Tiffany's was still there but nobody was in the store. To top it all off, the laser light show with the dancing waters was no running either, bummer.

From the comfort of beach chairs, inside, with sand at our feet, we watch the waves
So we had lunch at our favorite eatery and enjoyed the view of the rough waters - and glad that we were not out in them. The have floor to ceiling view windows with beach chair and even some sand for your feet while you enjoy the view.

After lunch the front finally caught up with us and down came the rain, very heavy at times. I took a walk out to the anchorage area by the Coast Guard station to see how the boats were doing . There were three yesterday anchored out but only one today. I saw one come into the Golden Nugget docks, I don't know where the other one went. But there was one left and we was bouncing like a bucking bronco. Take a look at the video here to see if you would want to be in that anchorage during these conditions.

During one of the breaks, I ducked inside the Golden Nuggest, pretty but not for me
We continue to watch all of our weather inputs for signs of when we might be able to get a window to go north. Presently, it looks like Sunday is the least uncomfortable day. The wind is supposed to clock around from the southeast to out of the northwest which would have the wind off land, usually a good thing due to the limited fetch. However, we will still have some good sized swells from all the heavy winds out of the southeast over the last few days, 3 to 4 ft high. That makes for a quartering sea, the most nauseating kind of motion. Monday and Tuesday are even worse so it looks like Sunday is it, unless the forecast changes (again!)


Gray Fox said...

Bob and crew,

Jim and Jennifer here on Gray Fox. We spotted you guys on the AIS the other day coming down the Delaware to Cape May. We probably passed you when we went past the CG anchorage. We went on a bit further and are now sitting in a marina near Ocean City.

We are on a 45 MV and planning two short inside days up to Manasquan and then out and on to NYC on Tuesday. What weather sources are you looking at for the near period? I thought mYbe Tuesday wouldn't be too bad, but I always like as much data as I can find.


Bob423 said...

Hi Jim,

Good to hear from you. This will be our 10th trip along the New Jersey coast, time flies. We usually get stuck in Atlantic City, one time for a full week a couple of years ago in the fall while a hurricane passed by.

We've tested quite a few apps and have come to depend on just a few that have proven to work, at least in our experience. We started out using a laptop but for the last two years we've used just our iPad which has a large selection of weather and cruising apps.

The most dependable of the data sources we found are those that use grib files.
On the laptop:
On the iPad: PocketGrib

For wave action I refer to:
On the laptop:;b=acity_srf
Predictions for other coastal cities can be found in their website. It's a good reference for near shore wave action. I'm really not interested in what's happening 10 miles out.
For the iPad: Swellinfo

Of course I use the coastal forecasts (just the text version):
The problem is that they go out 20 Nm and seem to always predict rougher conditions than where I go along the coast, generally 1 to at most 3 miles out.

On my blog site, at the left are links to "Cruising Resources" and "iPad on a boat" which go into more detail.

Regards, Bob