Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Downtown Hampton Public Piers - last day

Sandy Bottom Nature Park, we paid a visit, lots of live snakes on exhibit!
We still had a car for the day even though we didn't use it all that much. The entire morning and part of the afternoon was spent cleaning the boat. I had double waxed the part of the hull close to the water line and it kept the "ICW mustache" at bay for 8 months but the wax gradually wore away from all the mileage. Now we are once again getting the brown stain on the bow. Nevertheless, On/Off cleans it off in less than a couple of minutes but it takes a lot of preparation - you don't want to get any of that on you!

The Taphouse Bar, what a great place! Excellent food, good service - what more to want?
So with the use of On/Off and boat soap for the topsides and Ann's cleaning and vacuuming of the insides, we are once again a fairly clean boat. I have to qualify that and say that if I'm generous with myself, it may approach a 0.6 Sharman in the quality of the cleaning, certainly no higher. To celebrate we had dinner out at the Taphouse, an outstanding local bar - but the food is anything other than bar food. If you're even in Hampton, you've got to go there!

Oh, did I mention the list of beers on tap? Outstanding
Ann is doing more and more of the approaches, even the ones that can be difficult. The entry into a slip at this marina appears easy as pie - but it's not! We have yet to see one boat that made it on the first try. The problem is the sideways current, not really strong but enough to surprise you. Add to that the 1/2 length fingers so you really can't come in and snug up against a finger pier, they are too short. Ann did well.

If you believe the forecast, Thursday is to be a good day with light winds out of the south and a high of 82. If it turns out that way, we'll head north to Adamsville for one night. The whole week looks good for heading north but then we've seen that forecast before - they generally deteriorate when the future meets the present.