Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Delaware City Marina - at a dock

John Kwak's boat - we have traveled together the last couple of days
We had intended anchoring in Chesapeake City but as we progressed and the weather continued to moderate and the storms stayed away, we decided to push on through the Delaware-Chesapeake Canal to a marina near the end, the Delaware City Marina. It's a marina built in the old part of the canal that's no longer used for traffic. It's one long dock with a waterway that's very narrow. Once you're docked, they turn the boat manually, using the strong current in the canal to rotate the boat so it's facing towards the entrance and ready to go in the morning.

You really have to pass one of these closely to appreciate their size!
However, on the way through the entrance, we had our first contact with Mother Earth this year. The channel in is very narrow and the sideways current strong. We were pushed off to one side and came to a halt. I rev'ed up the diesel and pointed the boat to what I thought was deeper water and eventually we made it in but not before plowing a pretty good furrow, churning up a lot of muddy water in the process, whew!

John Kwak took us all out to dinner to celebrate Michelle's birthday so we found Crabby Dick's. It had an excellent reputation and we found that it was well deserved. Many of their offerings are family recipes.

There's bad weather coming and the tides are not favorable for a normal, morning start down the Delaware Bay. So, we plan on pushing off Wednesday morning around 6::00 am. Unfortunately, that's also low tide, even lower than when we got stuck on the way in. Hopefully, we'll have a better idea of where the channel is when leaving, we ought to make it. On the other hand, Kwak made it in after us tonight and he draws 6' 6" so there's at least a 6' and better way in (John plowed through mud too). It ought to be stimulating, a good way to wake yourself up.