Monday, May 5, 2014

Hampton, Virginia - at a dock

There's a beautiful street nearby with lots of restaurants and shops along it
Our overnight stay at the free dock was uneventful. The wind was pushing us into the dock but not that much so we selected to put the boat in reverse with a line from the aft cleat to the mid cleat on the dock. Well, it worked to a degree. It was enough to leave the dock but I had wanted more of an angle. I think I led the line too far forward and that prevented the bow moving further away from the dock, live and learn. 

The Gilmerton Bridge has been in upgrade mode now for 5 years! Rumor has it that it's to be finally completed by August of 2014 - but I don't believe it! It's closed for the morning and evening rush hours so we made the first opening at 9:30 am today. 

The slips are not full length so you have to be very careful in docking, Ann did well
There are a tons of Navy ships undergoing refitting and repairs in the Norfolk shipyards. They are all guarded by boats with blinking blue lights, you aren't allowed to get too close. As you pass by, far out in the channel, you are shadowed by one of the boats with the blinking blue lights, eerie. 

We'll rent a car for the next two days and provision and explore the area. The weather during that time looks more like New York than Virginia with highs barely breaking 60! We've gotta slow down...