Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hypoluxo - Last day

Across the ICW next to the ocean is the high rent district - where Chico's was located

Every once in awhile, Ann has to visit the nearest Chico'sto get her "Chico Fix" and today was the day to do that while we still had transportation from Joe Mastri. It's a great place to shop for clothes (for women) that actually fit. They don't cater to the under 20 crowd and so they've been very successful.

The palm trees are the giveaway - this isn't home
Joe took us by the nearest Sam's Club for dinner supplies and they exceeded what I had expected, their meat counter was way above average. We had lamb chops for dinner and I stocked up on wine since, in Florida, wine is sold in grocery stores. The problem with Sam's Club is that they specialize in large sizes. I had wanted just one bottle sprayer but the smallest size package they had was 6 sprayers, didn't need that many even though the cost for the 6 was almost the same as the cost of one sprayer in a hardware store.

The winds howled again today out of the north with whitecaps on the ICW. We could have gone north but why bother? We would prefer more pleasant conditions which should be the case on Friday. We're headed for our usual Hobe Sound anchorage, just north of Tiger Wood's mansion in Jupiter on the ICW. I'll snap a photo as we pass by, perhaps he'll wave...