Sunday, March 3, 2013

Marine Stadium at Miami

The anchorage was formed for races on the water that never materialized - but now it's used for crew and sail boat training. Here are lanes marked out for crew racing
The high winds continued today. On Saturday the winds topped out at 27 kts  but today they kept down in the low 20's, still a lot of wind. The low this morning was 55, very cold for this area - and colder than we're used to! The warming trend starts Monday and by Tuesday we're back to the high 70's according to the predictions.

Hoolie loves this place - Hoolie relief! Only 500 ft from the boat.
Meanwhile, I'm doing taxes. You can always get the tax forms from the banks and investment companies over the internet. They all have IRS forms for interest and dividends (for example) that you can download over the internet. So I downloaded the latest copy of TurboTax and started in. We now live in a connected world, thank goodness for those of us traveling. After completing everything (a few days from now!) I can also submit the taxes to the IRS over the internet. I just changed over to the iPhone5 with Verizon LTE and get anywhere from 5 Mbps to 25 Mbps, amazing when compared to what we used to think of as fast in the days of dialup internet connections (40 Kbps if you were lucky).

So we're swinging at anchor waiting for our window which still looks good for Tuesday provided the weatherman doesn't lie - which he's been know to do! We have our 66 lb Spade anchor dug in pretty well after the 27 kt winds so we haven't moved an inch since Friday. You're part of the weather when you cruise so we're attuned and waiting.