Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ft Lauderdale - Last day

Some good surf from the northern storms - thanks for the waves you northerners...

We took a walk out to the beach this afternoon to see if the surf met the forecasts. Now, the surf was high but it didn't look like 9 ft waves coming in. On the other hand, there are shallows further out that we could see the surf breaking on so some of the power was undoubtedly taken from the incoming waves by the sand bank. Nevertheless, the waves were still imposing and the beach was only one step away from being closed according to the flags displayed at the lifeguard station. I'm sure that farther out, the waves were every bit as big as predicted - so sailing would not have been a pleasant experience.

Ann was inspired to paint a coastline - in pastels - although it was Maine, not Florida
On our way to the beach, there are several parking garages. On Friday the cost was $10/day. On Saturday it rose to $20/day and today, on Sunday, it was $30/day! I guess they just charge whatever the market will bear. At the $20/day rate, several of the garages were full on Saturday so I guess that led to the $30/day rate for Sunday. As usual, the beach was packed, wall to wall people.

Monday is moving day. We're headed north to see Joe Mastri and for Ann's doctor appointment with a pulmonary specialist for her cough - which by now has gone away but we still want it looked into. It's 15 bridges to Joe's!!