Sunday, March 24, 2013

Titusville Severe thunderstorm with tornado warnings

58 mph winds!
We are about to get a change of weather with the temperatures plunging into the high 60's. The forerunner of the change is a line storm moving through this afternoon. We could see it coming on our radar over the internet so I double checked all the lines and buttoned up. The initial winds gusts reached 58 mph along with rain but luckily no hail. Other places close by reported 1 inch hail! There were tornado warnings out by we saw none nearby.

Watering time at the manatee zoo!
The marina here is totally protected. The gusts came from the west where our best protection is in place. It's only a couple hundred feet to the bulkhead and beyond that there's trees and a ridge so we were well situated. Hoolie sought out the comfort of the nearest crew member and the boat pitched and rolled as the storm passed.

Now it's very quiet. We just walked Hoolie and found the usual manatee group gathered by the rain drain pipe soaking up the fresh water. They live in salt water but they apparently love to sip salt free water when they can. All of the manatees had prop marks on their backs from encounters with high speed boats. You will never hit a dolphin but manatees are not so fast, they get hit.

Our Kohler geset was delivered to Sadler Point Marina on Saturday so it's there waiting for us. We still plan on a 4/1 arrival and start of installation. We'll mosey on north Wednesday.