Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hypoluxo - We provision

A daylight photo of the bridge they are proud of

The wind shifted around to out of the north during the day so I had to reposition all the lines which had been braced for the 25 kts winds out of the south. Still, winds from the north are much better for our slip. We're partially protected and the bow now faces into the wind. However, the winds are due to increase over the next 24 hours so we'll just stay here another day and leave on Friday instead when the winds abate.

Hoolie's best friend in Florida
Provisioning was the order of the day and there's no better place to do that than a Walmart Supercenter which has groceries as well as anything else you might want - and at good prices. There are no Walmarts in the Keys so there's one bus that originates in Key West that travels up the keys and turns around in the parking lot of the nearest Walmart, the one in Homestead near Miami. They know their clientele.

The search for the right genset to replace my 4.2 kw Panda continues. I got a call back from Sadler Marine on the exact dimensions of the starboard locker. I would like to fit a 6 kw Kohler diesel genset in the space but it's going to be tight. Thursday morning I have to carefully measure the locker dimensions in all directions and then we'll make a final determination for fit. I told the yard manager that the passing grade would be awarded by Ann only if she asks the question, "Is the genset running?"  (while the genset is turned on!) I want quiet!