Saturday, March 16, 2013

Some smoke but also fog 

This morning we awoke to smoke! We then heard that Florida was doing a "controlled burn" for some reason and the smoke from the fires were filling the ICW, we felt it immediately, especially Ann with her allergies. Luckily, as we moved north, we got out of the smoke. The air this week in Florida is very dry and there's a fire alert for the next few days. One wonders why they would intentionally burn brush during a fire alert?!

Two dogs on the  boat behind us shared the bow
It was a great day for going north on the ICW. There was no wind and no waves and the sun was warm on our backs as we headed north. We are about 2 to 3 weeks ahead of the northern migration but we'll lose some of that head start at Jacksonville we're scheduled to replace our genset. We've been sending e-mails and photos back and forth the last few days to get things finalized, another reason why I need a reliable internet connection via Verizon. At some locations we've gotten 36 Mbps on their LTE network, amazing.

Marty's boat is here but not Marty
Pulling into Vero Beach City Marina, we found they had plenty of empty moorings. As I said before, we're ahead of the migration and taking advantage of the marinas not yet being full. The weather continues to warm up but the nights are still cool with temps around 60 in the morning. We'll be here until Tuesday morning when we'll head north again to spend a week at Titusville where we will rent a car to see the sights at the Kennedy Space Center. We've never been there and we thought we ought to go before they close the place.