Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ft Lauderdale - Meeting of PYC South

Humm, where to sit?
The waves continued build and supposed to reach 9 feet by Sunday afternoon. We took a walk by the beach and it was packed with spring breakers! I can understand the attraction of coming to Ft Lauderdale this time of the year with the warm weather, sunshine and, of course, the parties and so on. But the beach is wall to wall people with very few actually in the water. You can see from the photo the current fashions: long trunks for the boys and the briefest of bikinis for the girls.

Ernie Klopping, Pat, Michele, John Kwak and Ann
John's crew came in today, Ernie Klopping and Pat. Ann invited everyone over for dinner and we all got together on the back of the boat for a good time. The Poughkeepsie Yacht Club is turning into quite a cruising club. In addition to ourselves and Kwak, there's also Marty Silverstein up at Vero Beach in Florida. It was a very enjoyable evening.

I'm due to get a call back from Sadler Point marina early next week on their genset offer. John Kwak said he was looking into a new anchor and I offered my old Panda genset but he didn't take me up on the offer. Weighing in a 300 lbs, I think it would make an excellent anchor! I just don't want it anywhere near my boat.