Sunday, March 17, 2013

Vero Beach City Marina - Getting ready

Kids fishing under a bridge - great summer fun
The low this morning was 45! That's much colder than we're used to, enough already!  Since our genset quit working last week, we no long have heat in the morning so we're roughing it. So we're now running the main engine to recharge the batteries. The output is not as powerful and it's much noisier - and it takes longer too. We're still in negotiations with Sadler Point Marina in Jacksonville for a replacement (NOT a Panda!!) and we're aiming for 4/1/2013 for the start of installation. Somehow, April Fool's Day doesn't seem propitious for the start of a new genset but that's how the dates worked out.

Would you choose a name like this for your boat??
Today was wash day and for doing teak work. Restaining the teak only takes about 10 minutes so that's not too bad and it looks good when done. In the afternoon we took our dinghy tour of the area that we do every time we're here. The harbor is completely protected from all sides, a great place to ride out a storm but today it was very calm, perfect for dinghy exploring. Marty Siverstein's boat is in good shape but we didn't see him around. John Kwak has not gotten this far north yet so there's no meeting of PYC South scheduled yet.

For Monday we'll use the free buses offered by the city of Vero Beach to see town and perhaps a trip out to the beach. The one unique thing about Vero Beach is the free bus service. Everyone else charges a bus fare but somehow Vero Beach gets by with free service. As a result, they are very popular with the cruising crowd and you would think other cities would take notice. At any rate, we'll enjoy it Monday.