Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ft Lauderdale - Publix and a bus ride

Here's another view of New River in Ft Lauderdale - note how narrow it is and the concrete bulwarks 
Another of the mundane tasks for those cruising is to provision. A favorite stop is Walmart due to the store having both groceries and other things needed on a boat. However, the best grocery store down south is Publix followed by Harris Teter, neither of which are common up north. So today we found the nearest Publix and headed to the bus stop to try out the public transit of Ft Lauderdale. We were vastly disappointed in the city transportation. The bus was 20 min late going out and 25 min late coming back, ugh!

I think the palm trees are rather pretty, the tops look like a spray from fireworks
At any rate, we are now provisioned for the trip to Mastri's place on Monday. The waves generated from the winter storm up north are due down here starting Friday late through Saturday, Sunday and most of Monday with peak waves of 9 ft or so. We'll take a walk out to the beach to look. I think John Kwak's crew arrived today but sailing out in the ocean is not recommended for the next few days!

The mooring here by the  bridge is remarkably calm, given all the boat traffic on the ICW. All the boats have to slow down to idle speed while going through the bridge and since we're right by it, we get the benefit of the slow passages, not bad. Plus, it's interesting watching all the boats go by and the goings and comings on the bridge.