Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Titusville - at a dock

John Kwak was here the previous day, leaving this morning
We got up and saw on radar that rain was coming, about 1/2 hour away, so we headed into the marina for a slip. Ann was at the helm all the way and she's getting very good in handling a 42 foot sailboat! She steered Fleetwing into the dock without touching either side pier, no small feat.

They just love fresh water!!
The slips at Titusville have fingers that stand about 4 ft off the water, perfect for a sailboat but not so good for a powerboat. For us it's a side step to get off the boat, very convenient. There's less than 1 foot of tide so you can tie up to a fixed dock without a worry about water levels. The marina has free WiFi that's strong enough to reach all the docks and all the other amenities you would expect except for free transportation into town. They do have a new concrete sidewalk but it's too far for Ann to walk. For entertainment, there's the manatees, about 20 in the marina. The all love fresh water and when it rained for awhile, many of them gathered under the nearest rain drain to lap up the overflowing water. We also found a new CVS store in town with the best part being a Redbox kiosk for $1.30 movies! So we plan on catching up on all the movies we've missed while cruising the ICW.

I have a car reserved for the next two days starting Thursday morning for exploring the Merritt Island National Wildlife reserve and then the Kennedy Space Center on Friday. Inbetween times we'll provision at the nearest Publix and have a night out at a promising restaurant. Time for fun!