Monday, March 18, 2013

Vero Beach - Last day

Vero Beach Yacht Club
There is more here than just Vero Beach City Marina, namely the Vero Yacht Club right in the middle. It has no moorings but does have a bunch of docks. We've never stayed there but we could since we're also a member of a yacht club (in Poughkeepsie, NY). We'll continue to stay at the Vero Beach moorings for now.

Spot the "oops"?
So think about this, you're commissioned to chisel a sign in wood for the local marina. They convey what message they want to give and you take your chisel out and commence to hammer into the wood for the sign. You would think that the first thing on your mind would be to not misspell anything. After all, it's not like auto-correct on your iPhone, what you wrote is embedded in wood!   Well  peruse this photo above, see anything suspicious?  Once done, it's very hard to correct mistakes and the sign chiseler did not do so at the time. Maybe no one noticed?

Now, which way do you go here??
One of my favorite signs in the area is this one above. Which way is the right way to go? Straight ahead? (to the water?)

We'll leave Tuesday morning for Cocco beach anchorage for the night provided the winds are not too bad. There's a dinghy ramp nearby for Hoolie and it's generally calm. We'll wind up at Titusville for a week so I can catch up on tax prepration and rest up for the rest of the trip north.


philb said...

What? You have never been on a pinic yourselves?