Thursday, March 21, 2013

Titusville - We visit Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

Pictures cannot describe the beauty
As usual, Enterprise came to the marina to pick me up, it's a nice service they have and the main reason I use Enterprise for my car rentals although now Hertz will also pick you up if you ask - they've found that they have to do so to compete with Enterprise. So all ready to go we left for Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. We found the place to be far beyond what we expected. They have stunning walks through the forests on elevated walkways (it can be a bog at some times of the year on the ground), you hear birds constantly and there's a thousand different shades of green all around you with the sun streaming through the canopy above. I took a 20 sec video of one such walk but it doesn't do justice to the beauty of the place. The video was recorded at 720p, be sure to up the viewing resolution to that level when loading it if your internet connection can stream a that speed.

Painted Bunting - relatively rare - what a sight
In addition to the many hiking trails, there are several roads to drive along with stops to observe dozens varieties of birds, some of the photos are included in the blog. 

We found this fella by the side of the road!
Raccoons were cleaning up under the feeder
The Visitor Center with the excellent exhibits, the hiking trails and the driving tours all cost a grand total of $5 per car load, such a bargain! If you have a Golden Passport (for those over 65) then it was free! It was a great day. 

We celebrated with a night out at El Leoncito and on Friday we'll head out for a day at the Kennedy Space Center.