Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Titusville - A Dog Day


He starts out full of energy and ready to run

One of the big attractions of the Titusville Marina is the nearby dog park, at least for Hoolie. He doesn't care all that much about carousing with other dogs but he lives to run! Throw him a ball and he's in heaven. Unfortunately, he's never learned to bring the ball back, only to chase it and then drop it after picking it up for a few steps. 

After about 15 minutes of running, he likes to rest and pant

Today we had the dog park all to ourselves and so Hoolie had no other distractions. I threw, he chased, he caught the ball, then dropped it, I walked over to pick it up and the cycle started again. One of these days I've got to teach him to bring the ball back to me! If you have a treat in your hand, then he brings the ball back every time - else he doesn't bother. 

We're concerned about Eta, the storm by the Yutacan peninsula. It's projected to head north towards Florida and its path is very uncertain after that. Up the eastern coast would be a worst-case scenario for us. We're not supposed to get hurricanes this time of the year! Stay tuned. 


Bob Norton, Jr. said...

Hoolie looking good! He's got you so well trained....ball picking up - why should he bother unless rewarded? lol. Great writing, keep up the great work - Stay healthy, stay safe.