Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Titusville - Construction


A lot of foreign machinery - why not American?

What a difference a day makes! It was nice and calm with little wind. As we say, the wind finally got to where it was headed and then it rested. Meanwhile, construction is going apace here. They are constructing a new lift station and so the parking lot is unusable. Normally we wouldn't care but we are due to get our car shipped down from Deltaville for the winter and we need somewhere to park it. It was due to be picked up Wednesday but so far there's no carrier that committed. We get daily calls from our agent that's arranging the shipment but so far there's no contract. The cost is supposed to be $600 for a one-way shipment from Deltaville to Titusville and if it's the same going back, that's cheaper than renting a car for the holidays and driving north and back. Plus, we would have a car for exploring the area.

While we're waiting for the car, we still have to get groceries and such which brings in Instacart again. They are more expensive than picking out the groceries yourself but then if you don't have a car, it's cheaper than renting a car and getting groceries. Besides, it's somewhat decadent shopping for groceries while in bed and getting them delivered two hours later

We took Hoolie over to his favorite place this afternoon, the dog park. We figured it was all outdoors and had little chance of spreading a virus, especially with a stiff breeze. Hoolie did his usual thing of running like mad for the tennis ball. He never brings them back so I have to do the retrieving myself, he trained me well.