Thursday, November 12, 2020

Titusville - Eta passes by, the clouds clear, the sun comes out - wow


Our first sunset after Eta, looking east, away from the setting sun

The remnants of Eta finally cleared out this morning but not before dumping more rain and wind on us. The wind at the moment is all of 1.6 kts! We even went out for a walk and took Hoolie over to the dog park for exercise. It was the first afternoon we've had off the boat since last Friday when all this stuff started. 

The look west is partially blocked by the boats in the marina, still, it's nice to see

The water level is finally starting to drop, it was a challenge for both Ann and Hoolie in getting on and off Fleetwing with the high step up from the dock. Hoolie developed a leap to make the distance, he's pretty athletic that way even though he's 12 years old. 

We still plan on leaving Wednesday morning, early - on our way north. We've learned from past experience not to leave anything in the freezer and to turn it off and open the lid. All it takes is a power outage to make everything in the freezer something you do not want to contend with when returning to the boat. That happened to us one time and we do not want to repeat that experience!