Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Titusville - Sun, is that the sun?


This is what a wind tide can do. When we arrived, there was no difference between
the height of the toe rail and the dock. Now it's a two-foot drop! Hoolie can still
make the leap, both ways but it's a challenge for us. 

After a week of clouds, we finally saw the sun today! On top of that, it was actually warm and it didn't rain all day long (well, we got a few showers still). Best of all, the wind is down to 7 kts now, what a difference! Titusville can be nice in anything less than 15 kts. 

It's our first sunset in Florida! Nice to see the sun once in a while.

What the winds did so if push water north which resulted in a gain of one to two feet in water depth, just due to the wind tide. There's no tide otherwise here, just what's caused by the winds. You can see the difference in the photos of before and after the high winds. Ann now has trouble getting off the boat, that's a big step for her. Hoolie, on the other hand, makes a giant leap both ways and seems fine. 

We got another call from a car transport company which claimed to "have a truck in the area" of Deltaville and wanted to pick up our car. However, we never heard back from him after he said he was going to contact the driver to see if he could arrange something. I'm beginning to think they are all flim-flam artists. Once they say they have a carrier, they want their cut upfront and you're asked to pay the truck driver his share in cash - hopefully to the amount agreed upon - when he delivers your car. 

We've settled on just renting a car to Deltaville and driving our own car back, it's turning out to be easier and a more reliable arrangement. We plan on leaving Titusville on Wednesday, 11/18 and reaching New York by Friday. 


captainwjm said...

they are all crooks. we had the same experience in trying to get our car moved FROM Titusville.