Monday, November 2, 2020

Titusville - High winds to 34 kts!


When the winds are out of the northeast, the waves come right into the marina. It's protected from all other directions but not from a northeast wind. Unfortunately, that's the storm direction on the Florida coast. We had warm weather for the last week and now it was the north wind's turn to blow. 

We are in "A" dock which is relatively protected but we still bounce around a lot, more than I like but still okay. There was a boat on the face dock at "B" dock that had waves broadside from the harbor opening causing the boat to pound against the concrete bulkhead. He didn't have enough fenders and went out to the nearest store to buy more. I had two spare 17 inch round fenders I loaned him for the week. You can never have too many fenders in weather like this! 

I knew the high winds were coming from the weather report of yesterday so I had double lines out and plenty of fenders against the fixed dock. We were okay but bouncing around some. We reached a maximum gust of 34 kts with a steady 25 kts most of the day. It's down to 15 kts now and it feels like no wind at all. Hopefully, the winds will subside overnight and we're back to normal Tuesday.