Sunday, November 15, 2020

Titusville - We see SpaceX Launch of four astronauts at night - it lit up the sky!


Tonight was the second launch of astronauts by SpaceX to the Space Station. This time there were four astronauts aboard instead of two on the first launch. People came from miles around to watch the launch. The area by the dog park was packed with cars and I'm sure the watching areas by the bridge was crowded too. 

Onward to the Space Station

A nighttime launch is spectacular! The first thing you see is the glow of the night sky near the ground, towards the Kennedy Space Center. Then a slowly rising dazzling light followed by a roar of the engines a little later. SpaceX is one of the few companies that reuse their rockets and we were hoping that the main stage would descend to the Kennedy Space Center but this time is was retrieved downrange in the Atlantic. 

I don't know if the launch was 100% successful or not since they haven't reached the Space Station by the time of this blog, but I would lay good odds that it was a success given SpaceX's track record. 


D's Patio said...

Bob - We were at Barefoot Marina and the first stage basically landed right off the coast. Huge bright light. It was super cool. And we got to see the actual rocket way up in the sky!

Bravo Smith said...

Very informative excellent sharing.